Our Business

Experience Wellington is the cultural heart of the capital.
We run six extraordinary visitor experiences for Wellington City Council: Capital E, Space Place at Carter Observatory, City Gallery Wellington, Nairn Street Cottage, Wellington Museum (including the Plimmer’s Ark display in the Old Bank Arcade) and the Cable Car Museum. We also support the operation of the New Zealand Cricket Museum, using our 24 years of experience to ensure that Wellington’s cultural assets thrive. Our business opens the doors to remarkable experiences that set Wellington apart.

The Experience Wellington Executive Office

The Experience Wellington Executive Office provides strategic leadership, drawing upon the strengths, skills and experiences of our organisation to deliver our vision. Our role is to provide essential services like finance and HR support across the whole organisation and to ensure that Experience Wellington meets the standards required by a publically-funded organisation. We allocate resources, undertake research, coordinate improvement strategies, and provide policy development and strategic planning with the goal of making Experience Wellington a sector leader.

Working with and for Wellington to create remarkable art, culture and science experiences that generate vitality: enriching the city we love.

Engaged Curious Communities.

We work together to deepen our engagement with, and relevance to, the communities we serve.
Quality First: We set ourselves high standards prioritising what will make a real difference to Wellington.
Boldness: We are agile, proactive, and use innovation and creativity to achieve the best outcomes for our city.
Leading: We commit to providing an environment in which a high performing organisation culture will flourish.